New Year Nerdstorm – A Gaming Seminar

It’s been a couple of months since Tanya Kan gave a thorough energetic seminar about Game Theory, with a small focus on strategy @Indesolgy. For those of you who couldn’t make it, Tanya is an Indie Game Designer and 3D product artist who experiments with reflexive experiences in new media and game forms. Her inspirational influences in game design stem from a political science and film theory background.

The seminar itself was based around risk-and-reward structures and how players experience feelings of rewarded, validated, and connected in the virtual space of a game, whether they are games experienced in next-gen virtual reality headsets and 3D worlds or through the primacy of text. Tanya also discussed psychology, semiology, and how this affects player interactions.

To find out more:
We tweeted this seminar live so you can checkout the highlights around Feb 2nd 2014 @Indesology. 

We absolutely love Tanya’s intelligently bubbly personality and hope she will join us again. She is currently working on a game prototype, Babel, which is about a reunion of lost friends across ideological divisions in a foreign city. Bable will be released soon, very soon. Keep a lookout for it!

Thank you Tanya, for all of your hard work and precious time.

You can find out more about Tanya and what she is up to here.
For those who have been waiting patiently for a run down of some of the sites and indie games mentioned in Tanya’s presentation. Here they are below, in all of their glory.

Also a special thank you to the videographer of this seminar. Check him out George Macharashvili here:


Games that Tanya mentioned:

Aardwolf Mud – Super Meat Boy – Team Meat – Eve Online – CCP Games – Bioshock Infinite – Irrational Games – Epic Citadel Coaster – Epic Games for Oculus Rift demo Outlast – Red Barrels – The Yawhg – Damian Sommer – Dys4ia – Anna Anthropy –


Please send Katie to FITC 2014


Please send Katie to FITC before the head of this avatar pops off with anticipation. She has been a volunteer for the past two FITC years and is heavily involved in the Design and Technology community. She has recently started her own awesome open group where innovation, design and technology merge. Check out Indesology here and here. Katie has also been working, volunteering and learning in the industry since 2005 where she started out in print. A couple of years ago Katie went back to school to learn more about web development and video production.

Katie really wants to go to FITC this year. These are the three main reasons:
1. It is a completely inspiring conference.

2. The Amazing Speakers

3. Learning. She does not want to stop doing that ever.

Tips from 12 year olds, learning computer Programming.

Tips from 12 year olds, learning computer Programming.

Based on an MIT study: 3 day workshop on Computer Programing.
Here is what they had to say…

1. Start simple, work on things you like.
2. If you have no clue what to do, fiddle around.
3. Find a friend to work with, share ideas.
4. It’s okay to copy stuff (to give you an idea)
5. Keep your ideas in a sketchbook.
6. Lots of things can go wrong, stick with it.